OHMIGOD! Say it's so!

Some exciting news breaking today, folks! Well, probably not for you, but for a handful of die-hard fans of a band who had broken up a few years back. News comes today via God Street Wine's updated website that they have a big announcement scheduled for Monday. PLEASE let it be that they are getting back together and touring!

For those of you who don't know, God Street Wine, a.k.a. God Street, a.k.a. GSW, were a jam band from New York City who paid their dues playing all kinds of bars, theatres, and smaller venues for a lot of years until finally handing them up in the late 1990's to go their separate ways. Some of them continued playing music, like Lo Faber who continued on his solo career, or drummer Tomo who left for Ireland and played/toured with Damien Rice for a while.

These guys were just a ton of fun to see. I hadn't heard of them until I got to college but once I did I was totally hooked. Collected tapes for quite a while, saw them any time they came to Ithaca. My very close friend Ian even got to play with them a few times as his band shared the stage with them in Pittsburgh and State College on a few occasssions.

I still remember driving up to NYC to see God Street play at the Wetlands for their last show before the place closed, September 6, 2001. We had to leave before the show was over becase it was already 2:30 in the morning and a few of us who went had to work the next day. I remember looking out the back window of the car after getting on to the Jersey turnpike and seeing the Twin Towers looming above the city, having no idea that in less than a week from then they would be no more.

Since that date the band has gotten together a few other times, specifically for fundraising efforts for a close friend of the band. But now we have hope that there's something more a-brewin, and I'm friggin' PSYCHED! I just can't believe I'll have to wait until Monday to find out!

In the meantime, you can bet that I'll be hitting the Internet Archive hard this weekend in anticipation. I strongly urge you go head on over to the God Street Wine page at the archive and either stream or download a show or two, get to know them. Or, they have recently posted their first three albums FREE DOWNLOAD on iLike. Hey, you can't get any cheaper than free, so get off your ass get download that shit!
As a follow-up, here's a link to some explanation about what got them to play together back in July 2009, which could have been what has led them to this announcement on Monday...

If they are coming back, you'll want to get on that train, I guaruntee it!


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