God Street Wine is Back! Bittersweet, though

The announcement came Monday in the form of the updated God Street Wine hopepage that the boys were getting back together. They are doing this as a fundraising effort for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. WOOHOO! We can see GSW and do it for a good cause! On top of that, there was a presale starting at 10 AM yesterday March 10th for those priveledged few who had been a part of the Bring Back God Street Wine facebook group that gave the location and group code to access the presale.

Now the bad news. I didn't get tickets. Both shows sold out in a half hour. I had to go to the doctor's office for some tests and my appointment was at 10 AM. by the time I got home they were all gone.


If you know anyone with extras, please think of me. I'd love to be able to see these guys again.

In the meantime, I'll settle for watching some Youtube clips:


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