Hockey + Music = TOTALLY AWESOME!

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Those who know me know that I LOVE hockey. Have since I was a kid. Philadelphia Flyers are and always will be the #1 team in my heart. And someday I hope to see them lift the Stanley Cup in victorious celebration. But I don't really want to get into that now.

Also, it's quite obvious from the subject of this blog that I LOVE music.  But imagine when one of the hockey blogs that I frequent came up with a new audio podcast called "Puck Tracks". WOOHOO!

It's a look into the music preferences of NHL players, with interviews and music from what they are listening to. While I don't completely agree with some of their musical choices, it's interested to see/hear what these guys like. We know that pro athletes spend a good portion of their seasons on the road, and that one indensible piece of equipment they travel with are their iphones and big-ass headphones that go with them.

So if you have some time, check out the Puck Tracks segment from the Puck Daddy blog. Also, if you're looking for some non-mainstream media coverage of the NHL, i strongly recommend the Puck Daddy as a daily read. They do the digging for you, finding all kinds of interesting articles from around the league, cool videos, and the infamous jersey fouls. You can find their blog here.

Puck Tracks Episode 3: Matt Greene, LA Kings from Greg Wyshynski on Vimeo.

This is episode 3 of the Puck Tracks, which is an interview and musical selections with Matt Greene of the LA Kings. Be sure to check out episode 1 with Wade Belak of the Nashville Predators and episode 2 with Brooks Laich of the Washington Capitals as well.

Enjoy! And I'll do my best to actually have some content of my own in the next few days....

Peace out. GO FLYERS!


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