The Moment Ends, Parts I & II

Ok so this is my attempt at starting a regular segment into this darn blog thinger. Rather than writing about a full album, this segment is dedicated to those brief little moments, in songs, concerts, etc, that make you step back and realize. Whether it's realize how much you absolutely LOVE or HATE a song, how much you enjoy the band, or how badly you need to go to the bathroom, it can be collected here.

I'm including two parts so that those who are not schooled in the verse of Phish can still participate.

Part I (note the classy use of Roman Numerals)
At a Phish show, during Harry Hood, right after the "Thank you Mister Miner" is repeated for the last time. They kind of draw out the "thank you mr. uhhh....." and then the tune just drifts off into a nice soft open piece, usually with Paige going on a little walk across the keys. Kuroda uses some good soft lighting and it honestly feels like what was a hot, sweaty box of a concert venue (or humid ampitheatre) suddenly has a cooling breeze blowing right through. No matter how hot it is, it feels lile someone just opened all the doors in the venue and just aired the place out. I love it. It's one of those moments during a Phish show I truly enjoy, both musically and physically cuz it's usually hot as shit in those shows. This link will take you to an example. I started it about 10 seconds early so you can see a little bit of the buildup.

Part II (yes, more roman numerals)
Stone Temple Pilots
Interstate Love Song
There are a few songs that have those catchy hooks that just totally get me. And this is one of those, big time. From the opening riff, I'm totally diggin it, and then when the chorus hits, it just makes me want to roll down all the windows and drive really, really fast (which I know I usually do already anyway). So that's why I think the name of the song is so fitting! If you aren't an STP fan, or haven't heard the song in a while, I STRONGLY SUGGEST LISTENING TO IT RIGHT NOW to see what I mean! You'll be humming the tune for the next two days.
Ok so those are my first two installments of "The Moment Ends". I'm sure you all have moments too, and I'd love to hear them. Drop me a line (brian dot bieber at gmail) if you have one you'd like to be highlighted here on the site in a future segment. I promise, I'll give you full credit for it!
Until then, enjoy the music!


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